Contest, Auction and a Show

I am pleased to share two photography events that I participated in and one that is currently being shown. 

As a nice holiday surprise I was selected by the Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn to be part of their  One: Unique Photographs show. Including myself, there are six artists' work featured. The piece that Debra Klomp and Darren Ching selected was my Scarf, Diptych, 2013 cyanotype. 

Scarf Diptych

This past fall I was asked by Cathy Kimball of the San Jose ICA (Institute for Contemporary Art) to donate one piece for their annual fundraiser auction. I chose to donate one of my unique cyanotype photogram Baby Doll #2, 2013. I was happy to learn that after a good spirited auction it ended up selling for a high price.  

Baby Doll #2

A photograph from my What We Carry series was selected for the 2014 Photo Review contest. The image that was selected was Young Man with Orange Parcel, 2013. The Photo Review has been a wonderful publication for many years now. The founder and editor in chief, Stephen Perloff, has been a major contributor to the photographic community. He has curated numerous shows, edited Photo Review since its founding and written countless articles about photography and its art market.

Young Man with Orange Parcel

49 Geary Street, San Francisco

49 Geary Street is a great place to see art, especially photography. Unfortunately with the high rents it's becoming more and more difficult for the galleries to stay in that wonderful building in that great location.  

I usually start on the fifth floor and work my way down. Make sure to see Robert Adams' show at Fraenkel on the fourth floor. Very impressive. Fraenkel is really more like a museum, impeccably curated and selected. Also, see the show at Corden|Potts on the fourth floor. Featured are David Pace's images "Market Day." Absolutely wonderful. I had the pleasure to briefly meet David at my opening reception at Corden|Potts back in February and then had a better chance to connect at Fotofest in Houston in April. 

His photographs from Burkina Faso emit so much life, color, vibrancy and joy. David has been spending up to 10 weeks a year since 2007 in this small West African country. He has been very successful with several solo shows such as Blue Sky in Portland, the Griffin Museum of Photographs or 511 Gallery in New York. And he just returned from an invitation to give a talk at the George Eastman House in Rochester New York. Congratulations David. 

"What we Carry" in German "PHOTONEWS"

My new series "What We Carry" got some wonderful feedback at this years FotoFest. Anna Gripp, coeditor in chief of the German magazine PHOTONEWS, chose 4 images for the May 2014 issue. PHOTONEWS is published 10 times per year and is a great newspaper style publication which lists shows, workshops, new books and other photo related information with a focus on Europe. Unfortunately PHOTONEWS is not available in the US.

PHOTONEWS 5/14, page 15

Max Kellenberger in French "camera"

I got a wonderful spread in issue #5 of the French fine art photography magazine "camera". Featured on 14 pages are 5 photogravures from my limited edition portfolio "Feld und Flur" and 6 cyanotypes from the series "Blues".

"camera" was originally published in Switzerland. It's former editor in chief Allan Porter became a mentor and friend of mine back in the 1970's.

camera #5, p.42/43

camera #5, p.50/51


FotoFest 2014 was my very first time! With a lot of encouraging support of "fotofest veteran" Luis Delgado I finally got it together to attend this amazing event. Thank you Luis!

There will be a lot to write but for now I am just posting a few images of some fellow photographers I met.... 

And finally myself, showing my "Blues"during portfolio review - photo by Jean Miele - thank you Gino!

And finally myself, showing my "Blues"during portfolio review - photo by Jean Miele - thank you Gino!